Amaze your friends, predict the outcome of any sports match

Oddstreak is the first commercially available, customisable, match analysis and bet probability product available on the market! Closing the knowledge gap between you and professional mathematicians. Get the edge on your competition. Discover value in markets by wielding battle tested mathemathical models. Automatically analyzes matches and odds, crunches the numbers and makes picks based on your input. You can sit back and enjoy the games!

Oddstreak Features

Unlimited Backtesting
Make sure your strategy is consistently profitable by backtesting across seasons
Automated Analysis
Say goodbye to time consuming Excel analysis, Oddstreak does the work, you enjoy the games!
Easy to Use
Oddstreak's designed from the ground up to be as enjoyable as watching your sport!
No Math Skills Required
Oddstreak's your personal tipster, math genius and watchdog, all in one!
'Fake' Wagers
No need to dive in the deep end. Place and monitor fake bets based on real data generated by your strategies without ever visiting a bookmaker! No risk, all fun.
21 Bookmakers
We track the pre-match odds from 21 of the biggest bookmakers so you don't have to!
Unlimited Picks
Any time a value bet is found for an upcoming match, you'll receive an email from us with all the details!
32 Leagues
We currently support 32 major soccer leagues worldwide. More to come!
4 Statistical Models
We've created and implemented 4 statistical methods to find over or undervalued betting opportunities!
3 Bet Types
Oddstreak supports 1x2, Over/Under and Asian Handicap markets!
Share Your Journey
Share the ups and downs, highs and lows with your friends. Or just straight up flaunt results through your public portfolio!
Invite your Friends
Like watching a match, Oddstreak's best enjoyed with friends. You receive a recurring commission, they receive a discount!

Oddstreak vs.

Saves Time Without Emotion Transparent Customisable Affordable Backtestable* Easy Fun
Tipster Services
Betting Funds
Gut Instinct
* Yes, that's a word! If you can see how a strategy performed in the past, it checks out as backtestable.

Oddstreak's currently in an invite-only, early access beta phase. Prices are subject to change before launch.

16 8 / mo
  • 1 League
  • 2 Profitable Streaks
  • Unlimited Backtesting
  • Unlimited Strategies
  • Infinite Value Bets
  • Limitless Bet Portfolio
  • 1 Free Streak*
29 14 / mo
  • 2 Leagues
  • 5 Profitable Streaks
  • Unlimited Backtesting
  • Unlimited Strategies
  • Infinite Value Bets
  • Limitless Bet Portfolio
  • 2 Free Streaks*
289 144 / mo
  • All Leagues
  • 64 Profitable Streaks
  • Unlimited Backtesting
  • Unlimited Strategies
  • Infinite Value Bets
  • Limitless Bet Portfolio
  • 12 Free Streaks*
* After a successful sign-up, we'll automatically add this amount of random profitable Streaks to your account so you will start receiving value bets right away!

About Oddstreak

During a trip in Australia the local love for sports and a book about statistical analysis sparked the idea for Oddstreak! Two years later, the first publicly available sports analysis and value bet finding platform is a fact.

While Oddstreak is no 'press-to-win' solution, it does finally allow those without in-depth technical and/or mathematical skills to gain an edge. But that's just one of the two primary objectives. The second one, is fun.

Placing a bet (simulated or otherwise) instantly elevates the enjoyment of a match. We can attest from personal experience that matches being played on the other side of the globe, suddenly become tense and exciting! There's a very special enjoyment to be had when monitoring your Oddstreak strategy during match days.

An enjoyment we can't wait for you to experience :-)